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‘10 Foot Tall produced a memorable sound with their vocally impressive front woman RyeZ.
With quality songs and lyrics, 10 Foot Tall got the crowd to their feet and moving.’

Andy Staples ~ UK Soundz.com (review: The Seige Festival, Peavensey Castle) - Sept 8 ’02


'RyeZ delivers a blend of soul, pop and rock. Her distinctive vocals add the vital ingredient to a superb mixture of musical talent. With talent like this around, it should not be too long before someone realises
that they can have true talent on their hands.’

Gigsonline.co.uk - July '02


‘RyeZ’s velvet vocals are accomplished and palatable, more so than say, Heather Small…
What sets RyeZ apart from the rest? Her aim seems to be to offer a Skin (Skunk Anansi ) vibe – a masculine sound alongside soft soul and coarse rock.
RyeZ’s voice is almost too good for the confines of the studio. Her range has the earthy qualities
of Tracy Chapman or Joan Armatrading. Her gift needs to be nurtured’...

Heidi Wyithe ~ Guardian - Nov '01


'The singer RyeZ has a fantastic voice and reminded me a bit of Grace Jones with her stage presence. If there is a project that comes up that requires a powerful vocal, then RyeZ is definately worth considering.'

Amy Crowley A&R Virgin to Paul Conroy, Chairman Virgin - Sept 21 ‘01


‘Quite intriguing this. Imagine a clone of Eartha Kitt and Anthony Newley.
I would be interested to see her live’.

Nick Stewart Vice President of International A&R and Marketing..
to Richard Griffiths, former president of BMG (UK & Europe) - Feb 16 ‘01

(Not so sure about the cloning comparison…. however… interest is interest…)



Live on stage at Copden Club, London