The idea of this fund raiser originated from two artists, musician and singer/ songwriter Dom and RyeZ.
Their decision to focus on helping the children was a simple one ..because not only are they...children, but as such
they are
the future of Asia.

The idea was to bring together as many talented artists - perfoming & visual - as possible to collectively use their talent & skills to help raise money. With the exception of those who were already professionally engaged on the Jan 30 each artist contacted was more than eager to come on board and perform free of charge in order to help. Be certain that each of the performers appearing on 30th Jan is a crowd pleaser.
The eclectic mix of genres will appeal to a wide and varying audience & age range.

Further, many friends and acquaintances once aware of the project did not hesitate to offer their time, talent, skills, knowledge and energy.
We now have a group of artists and friends/volunteers from all walks of life actively working on the project.

The purpose - is to raise as much money as possible as fast as possible for as many children as possible and to donate it to Save the Children. The latter are working hard on the ground in Asia, doing their best to help the children get through this nightmare.

Today there are many fund raising events and charities which are rallying to the call for help... This is just one of them.
We have chosen to focus on the South East London community, including and surrounding Forest Hill.
Why? Simply because it is where we live and being part of the community made it easier to organise an event on such a scale. We were also conscious of that fact that even though individuals were contributing in their many ways, nothing (apparently) was happening here and we believed we could raise much more as a community.

For example, Roberto Dreon, the new owner and manager of the Latitude restaurant, right on the A205 and literally 15 steps from Forest Hill Train Station, kindly offered his space. We asked to the Latitude because of the size of the main room in the restaurant. Local sound, engineering and lighting company 10outof10 offered to provide all the sound and lighting equipment and to be the event's engineers for the day. Without both Roberto & Paul things would have been much more difficult. And there was Nick Ratcliff from Yes Events who offered his services as a DJ (he is one of the best disco/DJ in the UK) and MD. Pat Murray (Micky Pearce of Only Fools & Horses fame) accepted without hesitation to postpone his departure to Ireland and be the celebrity auctioneer for the day. Artists such as David Mach, Abdelkader Sadoun, John Crawford (see the exhaustive list on the homepage) instantly responded 'yes!' when they have been called...

The Forest Hill and South East London community instinctively agreed to join force and help these children.

A very affordable Thai menu will be prepared by the Latitude for the occasion and 10% will go to charity.

The proceeds of the day will be donated to Save the Children.

The list of all who are helping, with their respective 'responsibilities', will be posted on this site very soon.

Your help is needed. We have only a few days to organize this, to bring hundreds of people and raise several thousands of pounds.

We need YOU to spread the word amongst your family, work colleagues, at your local schools & colleges, at the pub...down the bookies..at the Kentucky...you get the picture..

With £200 Save the Children can cater for food, clothes and shelter for one child for one year.


Contact us to help via email please at iwanttohelpasia@ryez.co.uk (the phone is ringing now all day long...so pls don't call)

See U soon?

On the 30th it's not compulsory to pay £5 on the door - you can pay much more!