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 Louise Ward Bergemann
Paul from Ten out of Ten
Clare and Ed have been at the door the best part of the day cashing in the entry! CLare has been calling radios and papers for two weeks, and distributed hundreds of flyers! Ed also contacted the media and got serious radio coverage too for the event!
Abdelkader Saadoun and Cherifa Andy and Gill Paul Murray (Micky Pearce) and John
Lucy and Kevin Briggs
RyeZ and Dominique Pizzinat
Party Time!
John, Clare and John Neils David Mac Paul, Nick Ratcliff and John Neil
Poets of Rythm - Abdelkader as guest
Pat Murray ('Micky Pearcve' of 'Only Fools and Horses') and John Neils
Gill Lindsay, RyeZ and Dave  Hayes.




Organized by Freespirit Entertainment and Ryez ~ Proceeds donated to Save the Children ~

What happened exactly?
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