South London Artists raise money for Children of Tsunami - Sun 30th Jan!

We are very happy to say that the event was a resounding success.

The great that the final total raised was £2847.56...

On the day, the 12 live acts blended superbly to offer a highly entertaining & eclectic programme of music which catered for all present. Every artist rose to the occasion contributing to a great live show. Several times throughout the floor was heaving with the audience (children included) and artists on their feet.
The auction and music complimented each other so well. There was high drama during the Art auction where individual works of art were sold for over £350 and where the burning of two of David Mach's famous 'match heads' prior to their auction, dare we say it.. really set the room alight..(sorry..couldn't resist)..

ThanX once again to all of you who donated - for your time, talent, skills, expertise, your positive energy, your dosh, your goodwill...

We've begun to receive photos from friends and others present on the day are asking anyone else who may have photos or video footage to send them to us. We'll be placing them on the website, creating a photo gallery of snaps taken throughout the day.

We've been sent an article which highlights what they've been doing with the funds and what they're planning to do with future donations..this will also be placed on the website for future reference.
Please feel free to drop in from time to time for our updates.. outta sight shouldn't mean outta mind..

On behalf of all involved and for those soon to receive the benefits of your generosity, once again we'd like to say ThanK You to all who attended and contributed towards making the event a sucessful, enjoyable & memorable day.

Feel proud of what you've helped achieve...

... This should just be the beginning!

Please forward ideas for future events...

RyeZ ( Val Kelly) & Dom Pizzinat

Organized by Freespirit Entertainment and Ryez ~ Proceeds donated to Save the Children ~